Time For Tea On The Veranda


Tea Time

31 ½” x 41 ¼ “ 

Architecture in quilting is a passion of mine. Having done several quilts with this theme over the last few years, I felt particularly challenged to design this with the Houston quilt show in mind.

I had taken dozens of photographs of this old Victorian home on a vacation in the spring of 2004, unsure of what direction to take to turn this into a quilt; I filed the images away, while getting on with other projects.

Seeing the prospectus for Tactile Architecture was the needed incentive to begin designing this quilt in earnest.

My expertise is in the details, so I enjoy getting in close and doing a portion of a building. The veranda of this old home was particularly appealing, but not it’s beige color, so taking artistic license, I gave it much more vivid hues.

This piece contains commercial cottons. A fusible appliqué technique was used and it was puzzle pieced together with no overlapping layers. It is very heavily machine quilted with each tiny section in matching thread.

The three months spent on this project were thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling in every way! It was accepted into the prestigious Tactile Architecture 2005 and traveled around the US .