Sunday Morning Solitude

Sunday Morning Solitude

36” x 26”

While on a trip to Phoenix , Arizona , I took a day trip to Sedona. This is a beautiful little town in the mountains. During my visit there, I discovered this wonderful little arts and crafts area called Tlaquepaque . This word means “the best of everything”. While there I spotted a deserted café. It was a Sunday in the middle of winter, and it was closed.

Entranced by the architecture, beautiful tile and wrought iron work, I took many digital photographs from every angle. Upon returning home to Wilmington , I recreated this in a quilt. This is as close a replica to the original photo as was possible. The only artistic license used was to have more greenery and flowers in bloom.

Created from commercial cotton fabrics, shiny lamé and embellished with yarn. This quilt was honored to be accepted into Tactile Architecture 2005 and traveled the US .