Planting Time 2

Planting Time

51 ½ x 49”

A famous regional artist by the name of Ivey Hayes contacted me and requested that I recreate some of his paintings into quilted wall hangings.  He had been told that I could recreate “anything”.  I was up to a challenge, so I readily agreed to take on this task.  He requested that they be at least 3 by 5 feet.  Ivey was hoping to have a lot of women “knit” his images into quilts.  He realized that not many quilters are capable to recreated paintings into exact likenesses. 

The first painting I chose to recreate was Planting Time 2.  It represents Ivey’s father planting sweet potatoes in the spring. 

The background of this quilt is pieced.  The tractor and people are “puzzle piece” appliqué.  It is made of commercial cottons.  In this case this was quite a trick to find colors that matched the work exactly as Ivey had painted it.  I spent over 150 hours creating this quilt in only 30 days.  When done, I knew I could recreate just about anything! 

This quilt was honored with a first place ribbon for pictorial quilts at Quilts=Art=Quilts at Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, Auburn, New York.