All the Time in the World

All the Time in the World



 19” diameter


 This quilt was inspired by a challenge for Quilting Arts Magazine. The challenge was to create a quilted clock face that was within a size parameter to fit clock parts purchased at a crafts store.

 I found an antique pocket watch photo on the internet. This was to be the entire quilt, recreating this antique watch. Then I thought that the contest rules said nothing about having the quilt go beyond the clock face, so I decided to have it held by a pair of hands. My husband allowed me to photograph his hands as if holding this imaginary pocket watch. I merged the photograph of the watch with the photo of the hands. This was interesting, but not wanting such an irregularly shaped quilt, I needed something else to complete the design. Back to the internet, I went into the NASA web site and found a satellite image of the earth. I had the earth rotated to show North America and deleted the clouds from the satellite shot. Then the earth, pocket watch and hands were merged together to form one image.

 This little quilt is “puzzle pieced” appliqué using commercial cotton fabrics. The watch has many trims surrounding the hand guided embroidery that comprises the clock face.